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From the historic buildings of Pelourinho and its beautiful churches to the beaches, bars and restaurants...

The city is full of cultural, gastronomic, religious and nature tourism attractions. In other words: a good choice for different travel and traveler profiles.


See & Do it All in 4 Days


You know that in Brazil there are a variety of more than 90 precious stones

Aquamarine, Topaz.

Amethyst, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald,

Quartz and Sapphire

Day 1 - After getting your luggage, please walk through the one and only exit. Once outside, look for someone holding a sign with your name on it. You are to be taken via a 40-minute drive to your hotel.

* Please note, bilingual staff

Please be in the lobby at the scheduled time. You will be taken on a scenic drive through the Mercado Modelo, the Lacerda elevator and the most famous church in Bahia Nosso Senhor do Bonfin, take the time to tie your ribbons and make your three wishes.
Driving to Orla da Ribeira, to enjoy the delicious ice cream with typical fruits of the Ribeira ice cream shop. The visit to the Mont Serrat fort offers a beautiful view of the city. Dique do Tororó with 08 giant sculptures of the most important Orixás of the African Religion.

* Please note, bilingual staff

Day 2 - Please be in the lobby at the scheduled time. You will be taken along the Linha Verde road to Praia do Forte. Then enjoy the most charming village in the region, with its streets full of restaurants, shops and craft stalls. Now we are going to dive in the natural pools and finally the most important project to protect the Turtles in the world, the Tamar Project between tanks and aquariums, is 600 thousand liters of salt water with specimens of marine fauna in the region and four of the five species of turtles marine species occurring in Brazil. We still have the opportunity to visit the Humpback Whale Institute. On a walk through the gardens a complete humpback whale skeleton, several life-size replicas showing their behavior and interactive videos.

* Please note, bilingual staff

Day 3 - Please be in the lobby at the scheduled time. You will be taken on a boat trip to the Frade Islands first to have the International seal "Blue Flag", free time for swimming and touring the Island. Navigation continues to the island of Itaparica, the largest island in the Bay of Todos os Santos., With its colonial buildings on cobblestone streets, the birthplace of the writer João Ubaldo Ribeiro, who set his most famous book on the island, "Long live the people Brazilian".

In boats we arrived at the island, take the opportunity to have lunch and enjoy the cuisine in one of the typical restaurants of the region with its hammocks scattered everywhere.

* Please note, bilingual staff

Day 4 - Please be ready at the scheduled time for your transfer out to the airport

* Please note, bilingual staff

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Arrival transfer 
Half day scenic drive

Full day Praia do Forte

Full day Frades & Itaparica islands

Departure transfer


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Lacerda Elevator, Port of Salvador, Mercado Modelo
ruins of the first Basilica of Brazil
City Harbor; 
Gastronomy site.
Bath and walk around the islands of Itaparica and Frades
 the only island to have the International seal "Blue Flag".
Itaparica Island, the largest island in the Todos os Santos Bay