Pantanal Jungle Lodge

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The Pantanal Jungle Lodge

The hotel structure is a wooden construction on stilts situated near the bank of the Miranda River, perfect to adapt with the typical ecosystem event called "water season" where the water level rises and covers a large part of the land revealing fantastic landscape views.

Respecting the wildlife and seeking to promote a perfect balance between man and nature, the Pantanal Jungle Lodge offers the best hospitality and tourist activities in Southend Pantanal, adding a cosy atmosphere to your discovery adventures.

Your tour begins when you meet your driver at the airport on a transfer of about 4 hours arriving at the Lodge. Make your meal and get ready for what your activities will start, there will be six activities, all with appreciation of the flora and fauna of the Pantanal.


See & Do It Almost All In 3 Day 

Day 1 - After removing your luggage, go through the first and only exit. Once outside, look for someone holding a sign with your name on it. You will be taken to the Lodge on a shuttle service that left at 10am. On the way, we will stop for lunch (not included).
* Please note, transfers are shared without tour guide

You should arrive at the south entrance of Estrada Parque Pantanal, at around 2:30 pm. When you arrive at the station, look for someone holding a sign with your name on it. You will be taken to the Lodge.
Be ready activities start after check in.
* Please note, bilingual staff

Day 2 - After breakfast be ready for activities.
Return to the Lodge and lunch. Be prepared to have more activity in the afternoon. Return and dinner, enjoy relaxing in the hammocks.

* Please note, bilingual staff

Day 3 - Please be ready in the lobby to return to the park entrance.

* Please note, bilingual staff

You will be taken by van back to the airport.

* Please note, transfers are shared without tour guide




Prices valid until 21 December 2021.

Dollar amounts to be converted into reais on the day of payment.

I accept credit card, bank transfer via PAYPAL. Fees paid by the sender.

cash payment with 10% DISCOUNT


  • Transfer in from Campo Grande airport to the lodge

  • Transfer out from the lodge to the Campo Grande airport

  • 3 days Lodge All Inclusive (6 meals).

Jacaré do Pantanal


Six activities, all with an appreciation for the Pantanal flora and fauna


1. Artisanal piranha fishery

2. Boat trip at dusk with night focus. 

3. River Safari 

4. Floating

5. Land Safari in the Pantanal of Nhecolândia

6. Ecological Walk

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