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Pantanal Jungle Lodge

Rio in Tour will surprise and thrill travelers

The hotel's structure is a wooden construction on stilts located along the banks of the Miranda River, perfect for adapting to the typical ecosystem event called "water season" where the water level rises and covers much of the land, revealing fantastic landscape views.

Respecting wildlife and seeking to promote the perfect balance between man and nature, the Pantanal Jungle Lodge offers the best hospitality and tourist activities in the Southern Pantanal, adding a cozy atmosphere to your adventures of discovery.

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See & Do It Almost All In 3 Days

The Pantanal is a biome that covers almost 2% of the Brazilian territory, with a total area of about 250 thousand km². It is known for being the largest floodable area on the planet and occupies part of the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as part of the territories of Bolivia and Paraguay.
Its flora is composed of more than 1500 different types of vegetation, hygrophilous and xerophilous plants, as well as buritis, grasses and several other types.
The fauna is very rich and diversified, the fauna is very rich and diversified, the highest concentration of animals per square kilometer in the Americas. In total, there are almost 700 types of birds, 280 species of fish, 1300 species of butterfly, 80 types of mammals and 50 types of reptiles.

The Pantanal is the largest continental wetland on the planet.

Transfer from the airport to Buraco das Piranhas station.

Transfer from Buraco das Piranhas to the Lodge

Lodge 3 days with "all inclusive" (all inclusive; 6 meals breakfast/lunch/dinner), tours as described

Transfer from the Lodge to Buraco das Piranhas

Transfer from Buraco das Piranhas to the Hotel in Campo Grande.

Overnight at the chosen hotel with breakfast

Transfer from hotel to airport

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It is the largest floodplain in the world. The Pantanal Complex, or simply Pantanal, is a biome that covers almost 2% of the Brazilian territory, with a total area of ​​about 250 thousand km².
It's the size of Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland TOGETHER! The Pantanal has a gigantic flora, with more than 3,500 species of terrestrial and aquatic plants. Therefore, it is one of the richest ecosystems on the planet and is considered the most preserved biome in the world. It also has the highest concentration of animals per square kilometer, with around 400 species of fish and more than 6,000 types of birds, among other animals.
It is home to the highest population concentrations of endangered jaguars, hyacinth macaws and giant otters (which is a species of giant otter that lives in a pack). Curiosity about the jaguar is the third largest feline in the world and the largest on the American continent. declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in 2000 as a World Biosphere Reserve. During the flood season, more than 80% of the Pantanal area is flooded. For over 200 years, cattle raising has taken place in the Pantanal. In addition to livestock, fishing and tourism have taken many people to the Pantanal, boosting the local economy.

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