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Indigenas Amazonas

Rio in Tours at the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers

Amazonas, most of the activities that bring tourists to the city of Manaus are linked to the forest. It's understandable, because it's impossible to ignore the amount of life that exists only in that part of the planet.

Manaus was once one of the most advanced cities in the world and one of the richest also at the time of the rubber boom. Many great attractions linked to that time are still around and are mandatory for anyone who arrives at the heart of the Amazon.


See & Do It Almost In 3 Days

Manaus is a municipality in the Northern Region of Brazil. It is the capital and main city of the state of Amazonas. In addition, it is the main center for the supply of trade and services in northern Brazil. The history of the municipality is linked to the Portuguese exploration of the rivers in the northern portion of Brazil.

In the native language, Manaos, means Mother of the Gods

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Boto cor de rosa Amazonico


3 days in a double room at the Blue Tree Premium Hotel Arrival and departure transfers City tour (private)Tour along the Solimões and Negro rivers where the waters meet. (regular)

Mapa  Amazonas Brasil
LOdge Mirante do Gavião Amazonas

See & Do It Almost IN 3 Days


Arrival and departure transfer
Diving with buoys in the Rio Negro.
Night focus of alligator and other animals.
Traditional house of the riverside caboclos
Visit to the Pink Dolphins.

Fast boat for river bathing on freshwater beaches (dry season) or water trail in the igapós (flood season)

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