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Rio in Tours hiking and trekking

The Urca hill trail is a must for anyone who wants to understand how the city of Rio de Janeiro was founded in the 16th century. In this region you will walk where the city's first fortress was built, designed to prevent maritime invasions by French and Dutch corsairs. Along the way you will have views that will show why the region is so strategic.


Walk & See Almost All in 4 Hours

Please be ready in the lobby at 8:30 am, a representative from Rio in Tours should be ready to take you via Praia 25 minutes to Praia Vermelha, where through a pedestrian path we reach the entrance to the trail to the top of Morro da Urca 220 meters above sea level.

* Please note that the tour is private with a bilingual tour guide.


Urca hill is part of the Sugarloaf monolithic complex. This trail gives access to the hill and free time for snacks and photos. Access to the Sugarloaf Mountain (396 meters above sea level) is done with the purchase of the ticket (Not included) for the cable car.

* Please follow the guidelines of your tour guide. Stay with your group.

After buying your tickets and going up the stepped trail, you start a series of breathtaking views of Praia Vermelha on the Atlantic Ocean on one side and on the other the beaches of Guanabara Bay and the city of Niterói.

Difficulty level: Easy

The trail starts with a ladder of tree roots.
Without many obstacles it is very tiring, as the slope along the climb decreases until you reach a first lookout point, more or less in the middle of the way, allowing you to have a view of all the beaches of the Bay and the Christ the Redeemer in the background.
Along the way it is common to find birds, hawks and marmosets.

* Do not feed the animals

The trail is suitable for people with good physical fitness and for children from 6 years old.


Pick up at the indicated hotel
Private car
Bilingual guide and private car.


Elevation: 220 meters.
Track time: approximately 40 minutes.
Tour duration: 4 hours
Attractions: Breathtaking view, the Atlantic forest and its fauna.


Wear comfortable shoes;
Take in your backpack: water; Cap or hat; Sunscreen; Mosquito repellent; Sunglasses; Raincoat; Have binoculars and cameras ready to accompany birds through the forest and their unexpected flights.

* It is mandatory to fill out medical forms and a declaration of responsibility.