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Pedra Bonita is part of the Tijuca massif and has a maximum altitude of 696 meters, covered in some parts by the Atlantic Forest. At the beginning of the journey to Pedra Bonita, you can still see the "Chikki" pavement dating from the 18th or 19th century.

In addition, the summit of Pedra Bonita is right in front of the famous face of Pedra da Gávea, which appears to be carved in the rock, known as the Emperor's head.

The paving was done by slaves, probably still at the time of the Empire. In the place there were some farms, where in the late 19th century flowers and other plantations were cultivated. The way up and down the goods was done by mule.


Walk And See Almost All In 4 Hours

Please be ready in the lobby on time. You will be taken for 30 minutes to São Conrado, the mountain district of Pedra da Gavea and Pedra Bonita.

Going up the Canoa road, we reach the official entrance to the trail and the free flight ramp.
* Please note that the tour is private with a bilingual tour guide.

At 520 meters above sea level, the trail that gives access to Pedra Bonita is a very pleasant walk, passing through reforested areas and also a privileged view of the city.

Pedra Bonita is part of the Tijuca massif and has a maximum altitude of 696 meters, covered in some parts by the Atlantic Forest, but there is a large area that was deforested and covered by grass. In the initial part the vegetation is a little denser, making the temperature lower and the walk more pleasant.

* Along the way, there are more parts exposed to the sun with little vegetation that can offer natural protection

The summit is wide and rests on the stone slab, revealing the stunning image of Rio. From it we have a fantastic view of São Conrado Beach, Morro Dois Irmãos and other beaches in the South Zone, Pedra da Gávea, Barra da Tijuca and its beaches, Floresta from Tijuca and some areas

A tip is to walk as much as possible through the Stone to explore the various points of view as much as possible and then sit and close your eyes to listen to the sounds of the birds. To recover even more your energy, take the opportunity to have a snack. Although the descent is more peaceful than the climb, it's always good to be well fed so that you don't get sick because of the heat.

On the way back you can go to the free flight ramp. For this you will have to face a very steep cobblestone ramp. It's worth watching the hang gliding and paragliding flights from the ramp. Who knows if you feel like jumping too? For those who want to live the unique experience of flying.
The flight lasts up to 30 minutes and the landing is at the tip of São Conrado beach, known as Pepino beach.

* Follow your tour guide's directions. Stay with your group.



Pick up at the indicated hotel
Bilingual guide and private car


Elevation: 696 above sea level
Walking time: 60 minutes
Tour duration: 4 hours
Attractions: View, free flight ramp, fauna and flora


Wear comfortable shoes;
Take in your backpack: 1 liter of water; Cap or hat; Sunscreen; Mosquito repellent; Sunglasses; Raincoat; Have binoculars and extra battery for the photos.

* It is mandatory to fill out medical forms and a declaration of responsibility.