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The Tijuca Peak is the highest of Rio de Janeiro, at 1022m altitude and has a beautiful view of much of the city. It is considered one of the best trails in the city. The tour starts with a visit to the Chinese View  and Taunay Waterfall (the highest waterfall in Rio), all within the Tijuca National Park.


The Tijuca Peak trail begins in Bom Retiro, a beautiful spot on top of the park.

The route is well signposted and its difficulty is moderate. On the ride in dense forest can run into butterflies, hear the birds singing, spotting monkeys having fun jumping from one branch to another, lizards running scared of our steps, as well as insects and cobwebs. In addition, the trail is well protected from the sun to the point where the road reaches the rock that forms the peak itself, from then on there is little shade and the ground is much more inclined

Tijuca Peak
Tijuca Peak

the final steps to the summit of the Tijuca Peak

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The Tijuca Peak
The Tijuca Peak

The Tijuca Peak with 1,022 m. altitude, is the second highest in the city of Rio de Janeiro

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Tijuca Peak
Tijuca Peak

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Tijuca Peak
Tijuca Peak

the final steps to the summit of the Tijuca Peak

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Please be ready in the lobby at 8 am, a Rio representative in Tours should be ready to oat you for 60 minutes to the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood, from where you access a bus station within the Tijuca Forest National Park.
The trail is relatively easy, well signposted and protected by the shade of the trees. It starts in a big smooth zigzag pattern.

* Please follow the guidelines of your tour guide. Stay with your group

Almost mandatory stop before reaching the summit, the 917 meters of Tijuca Mirim can be seen just by going straight to the next fork in the trail. It is worth the detour of less than 10 minutes to enjoy a privileged view of the forest and the city. To reach the summit of Pico da Tijuca, it is necessary to climb the 117 steps carved in the rock with 120 meters of iron chain as a handrail. The feeling of victory when reaching the top is inevitable!
After reaching the top and enjoying the stunning view from Niterói to Maracanã; from the South Zone to the West Zone; Pedra da Gávea to Guanabara Bay.

* Please note that the tour is private with a bilingual tour guide.


Technical sheet

Duration of the tour: 4 hours.
Elevation: 1022 meters.
Attractions: 360-degree views of the entire city

The trail is very quiet and all done in level curves. Altogether it is 2.3 km. 1h30 walk.To reach the top of Pico da Tijuca there are 117 steps carved out of the rock with 120 meters of iron chain as a handrail.


Pick up at the indicated hotel
Private car
Bilingual guide and private car.


Wear comfortable shoes with socks and track soles;
Take in your backpack: 2 liters of water; Snack (chocolate bar, cereal bar, granola, fruit, natural saduiche); Cap or hat; Sunscreen; Mosquito repellent; Garbage bag; Sunglasses; Raincoat; and extra battery to guarantee the best photos.

* Filling out medical forms and responsible declaration.

Whenever you travel, hire a local guide, more information, tips and time savings.
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