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​The park was created in 1999 and opened in 2001 to protect the location of the property and prevent it from being built condominiums or resorts on site, which certainly interfered in any ecosystem there.


Its area is bounded by the edge of Prainha and the coastal slopes of the Morros of Caeté, Boa Vista and Stone Goats and it integrates with the White Stone State Park.​

Entrance of Natural Park of Prainha.
Entrance of Natural Park of Prainha.

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Choose path
Choose path

The path is circular, but all paths lead to the track beginning

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Prainha beach
Prainha beach

After the trail a relaxing swim at the beach across the street.

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Entrance of Natural Park of Prainha.
Entrance of Natural Park of Prainha.

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Watch & See Almost All in 6 Hours

Please be ready in the hotel lobby at the scheduled time. You will be taken for 40 minutes to the west of the city.

After passing 12 white sand beaches, you reach Praia da Prainha, on the other side of the street, the Morro do Caetê Municipal Park reserve.

Right after the Recreio district, there are some beaches such as Praia Secreta, Prainha, Praia do Damasco and Praia de Grumari, with surprises such as Mirante do Caeté.

Located in the Natural Park of Prainha. The park is right on the beach and its toilets, showers and drinking fountains are used by many surfers and bathers who frequent the beach.

Its area is delimited by the edge of Prainha and the coastal slopes of Morros do Caeté, Boa Vista and Pedra Cabras and is part of the Pedra Branca State Park.

Caeté means "virgin forest" in Tupi. Which makes perfect sense as the place is completely surrounded by forest and is untouched.

After this trail, there's nothing better than a dip, right? It's across the street and voila!



Pick up at the indicated hotel
Private car
Bilingual guide and private car

Technical sheet

Elevation: 130 meters above sea level.
Walk time: Approximately 30 minutes of walking, stepped track
Duration of the tour: 6 hours
Attractions: beach, view, nature


Wear comfortable shoes;
Take in your backpack: water; Cap or hat; Sunscreen; Mosquito repellent; Sunglasses; Raincoat; Have binoculars and cameras ready to accompany birds through the forest and their unexpected flights.

* It is mandatory to fill out medical forms and a declaration of responsibility.

Whenever you travel, hire a local guide, more information, tips and time savings.
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