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1. National and international contractor​

For the conclusion of the agreement between the customer (Buyer) and Rio in Tours, a contract will be sent guaranteeing the parties that the entire tour will be carried out as described and the customer will comply with payment, pledging not to cancel the amount paid on their card credit.
In international and national contracts, Rio in Tours & Travel disclaims any responsibility for unforeseen circumstances (for example, flights delayed and canceled for technical, mechanical or meteorological reasons; it cannot exercise any control). The promoters and operators of these trips disclaim any responsibility for any disturbance or damage caused by public calamities, storms, wars, turmoil or other social upheavals that prevent or cause the trip to be suspended at any point of the trip. Purchase Travel Insurance to cover these situations. Failure to provide a service purchased for reasons beyond our control only gives the customer the right to claim a refund for that service, if applicable. According to item 6, cancellation of services in certain periods is subject to a fine of 100% of the amount paid.

2. Service provided / contracted​

Rio in Tours offers communication channels for reservations, quotes and suggestions (WhatsApp +5521 969414716), (Email, (chat site: and (Skype: riointours).
Reservations are subject to availability. In some cases, the response takes up to 48 hours.

2.1) Accommodation
If it is not possible to confirm the desired hotel / apartment, there will be no charge for the client in case of cancellation (or non-acceptance of any alternative).

In case of arrival at the hotel after 18:00h, it is the responsibility of the customer (Buyer) to NOTIFY Rio at Tours & Travel or the hotel to avoid cancellation of the reservation due to no-show. This can happen when the hotel is overbooked and still receives last-minute guests, and considers those who did not register as (NO-SHOW), canceling the reservation and charging a fine for no-show.

The description of the requested hotel is provided by the suppliers, based on evaluations of the material published by the hotel itself. Rio in Tours & Travel is not responsible for this content, any discrepancies.
How we verify and/or receive through our communication channels (WhatsApp +5521 96941 4716) Online chat (Email Complaints about a particular hotel, we will suspend its sale until clarification is needed. We do not assume responsibility for overseeing the conditions (legal, hygienic, security, etc.) of hotel operation, as this function is the responsibility of the bodies that determine the legislation of each location (Municipality, State or Country) . There is no guarantee for requests such as smoker (or non-smoker), study, study, high (low) rooms, double or single beds, crib, among others. These requests are forwarded to the hotels, with their availability upon check-in. As we do not guarantee this type of special order, we do not charge an additional fee,

there will be no refund for damages if the hotel fails to comply with the submitted request.

2.2) Air ticket
Schedules, class, prices and catering are the responsibility of the airlines. Rio in Tours & Travel searches timetables, makes reservations and issues electronic tickets. To make the reservation, you must provide your full name according to your travel document and document number. For alterations, the fines stipulated by the airline will be charged. Guaranteed reservations are ISSUED / PAID. Rates may change according to class / or promotion.

2.3) Maritime and river cruises
The timetables, classes, prices and catering are the responsibility of the shipowners. To make a reservation, you need to provide your full name according to your travel document and birth certificate, email address, someone's contact information. Reservations have a closed limit and can be changed 1 time. After the vacancy, the reservation will be canceled at no cost to the customer. Paid reservations will have a voucher issued within 48 hours.

3. Values ​​and payment method

All payments must be made in reais. When payment is made in foreign currency, the exchange rate stipulated in the INVOICE must be used, adding the amount stipulated in reais. Discounts apply to full payment
Prices are subject to change without notice;


a) Exchange variation (foreign currency against the US dollar), holidays and events, variation in local and/or governmental rates - which may not be accepted by the client in the booking confirmation free of charge. After full payment for the services purchased, there will be no exchange correction. Rates may include food (day, half board or full board), depending on the diet offered by the hotel and the rate available at the time of booking.

Please check the chosen option carefully, the day (when included) can vary from the simplest option (Continental) to the most complete option (Buffet). Personal expenses (calls, minibar, drinks, laundry, monthly fees, etc.) are not included in the rate. To guarantee incidentals, the hotel may request a credit card as a guarantee upon check-in. To avoid inaccurate charges, it is important to request the invoice when paying the invoice.

4 - Packages
Some cruises may include promotional/economy class airfare in line with the airline name, meals as mentioned in the itineraries, accommodation in planned hotels or similar in standard rooms, services mentioned as included in the itineraries and detailed below.

Values do not include fees for drivers and tour guides, airport fees, in Brazil and abroad, food and services not included in the itineraries, excess equipment, documentation expenses (passport, vacancies, travel insurance and visas), optional tours, laundry. , phone calls and all the personal extras.​

5. Reservations and payment​

All reservations must be requested in writing, by email or via the contact website. The reservation will be sent to the customer and there will be a deadline for full payment according to point 6.
Paid reservations are confirmed / B2B reservations in accordance with the contract. Refunds and cancellations in accordance with item 6.

6. Fees / penalties for change / cancellation​

Rio in Tour & Travel prepares your itinerary tailored to your wishes, planning air and land logistics, harmonizing the best times with local services and guaranteeing the best offers in hotels, resorts, inns and cruises. For all this knowledge and work apparatus to be perfect, Rio in Tours & Travel charges a service fee of R$250 (two hundred and fifty reais) per itinerary. We accept up to 3 changes after the presentation of the script, each additional change will be charged R$ 100 (one hundred reais). The fee is deducted from the purchase of the complete itinerary.
After defining the route, you will receive an email with information about the chosen route and the payment term.

If payment is not made within the deadline, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. In case of payment by deposit by check, Rio in Tours $ Travel reserves the right to wait for the compensation of the amount credited to your account. Services and products can be paid by credit card via PayPal or PIX (we send the key).


If you need another deadline, use one of our communication channels. (WhatsApp: +5521 96 941 4716), (chat site:, (Email:
The possibility of extending the initial deadline can only be made if there is no risk of a fine in case of cancellation, if the deadline of the airline / cruise / train allows it.

6. 1) In the case of plane packages and/or purchase of the ticket separately, the only guarantee of the reservation is the issuance of the ticket, which only occurs after confirmation of payment.
Prices and payment methods DO NOT apply to special events (Carnival, Olympic Games, Night, Congresses, etc.).
Transfer prices are PER TRIP. In air packages, the departure tax is paid in cash upon entry.

 6.2) We allow 1 hand bag and 1 luggage per person. The allowance for national flights 23 kg and hand pocket up to 16 kg. Rio in Tours & Travel is not responsible for fines applied for excess baggage.


6.3) All transfers include drivers in Portuguese (bilingual drivers upon request).
Bilingual tour guides available upon request throughout Brazil. Arrival transfers scheduled for departures to resort and Lodge have NO waiting tolerance will be considered NO SHOW and the full transfer fee will be charged. To avoid being charged, please contact one of our available means of communication. (WhatsApp: +5521 96941 4716), (Chat site: (Email:


6.4) Planning fee and changes
Rio in Tours plans your entire trip, preparing a complete dossier with flights, hotels, transfers and tours, a complete survey with flight schedules and descriptions of tours and destinations. We include in the planning fee 3 changes that are included in the R$250 charged for the service. The fee is not refundable in case of purchase of services and products from Rio in Tours. At the beginning of the services, the refund for non-use of the same, which the customer renounces or is obliged to renounce (for any reason), for his partial or total withdrawal from the scheduled services, will be subject to the specific conditions of the services purchased. Changes during the use of the reservation must be communicated to Rio in Tours and subject to availability and eventual penalties. Rio in Tours telephone (WhatsApp +5521 96941 4716), (Chat site:, or (Email:, Skype (riointours)



6. 5) Land party: Each hosting provider (they have their rules for cancellations and penalties applied which will be informed in the reservation). The terms and percentages of fines can be changed according to the occurrence of fairs/events, or condition stipulated by the terrestrial supplier(s) involved(s).


6. 6) Airline: Once the airline ticket(s) has been issued, any cancellation will be made through a return process, subject to the penalties and deadlines established by the airlines. Changes due to bans, routes, name can only be made if they are provided for in specific tariff rules and are subject to a fine.

Deadlines and percentages of fines may change depending on the occurrence of fairs / events, or conditions. Refund requests must be made in writing to Rio in Tours & Travel (email: The refund will be paid from the confirmed credit for unused services, and will be made in Brazilian currency at the exchange rate on the day of payment. According to the Consumer Defense Code, the legal deadline for responding to requests of this nature is 30 days. However, if a document obtained and sent as above, the process will have a response within 10 days.

7. Accommodation / housing occupation

In accordance with international hotel practice, room occupancy starts at 14:00 and leaves at 12:00. In most hotels used in these programs, passengers stay in single or double beds. The third person is accommodated in a literature on the sofa bed, which can compromise the comfort and space of the house. Therefore, the choice and division of accommodation is the sole responsibility of the passengers. Single rooms are generally smaller than others. The accommodation of minors (accompanied by adults in the same room) can be in an extra bed or in the same bed as the priests. Check options and price differences.

8. Meals

Meals in the programs, whether in restaurants or hotels, the service is served at a specific time, according to the reservation and the menu made available to participants. Does not include drinks or special orders. If you need a special diet, please inform us in advance to check the possibility of offering the service. (WhatsApp: +5521 96941 4716), (Chat site: or (Email:

9. Documentation and Baggage

After payment, Rio in Tours & Travel will send you the receipt with all the necessary information. It is important to carefully review the reservation details (Hotel, City, locks, apartments, names, tours, flights, etc.) to avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

This voucher informs the contact of the provider responsible for the reservation, the guide, the emergency telephone number (WhatsApp: +5521 96941 4716). It is important to inform this contact about any incidents that occur during the trip so that necessary action can be taken immediately. If this contact is not made, the client will withdraw from Rio in Tours & Travel the possibility of solving the difficulties encountered. The responsibility for the validity of the passport, obtaining visas, vacancies and payment of the respective conservation, governmental and municipal fees are the exclusive responsibility of the passengers.

If the reservation is confirmed and paid, and there is a need for change or cancellation for documentary reasons, the fines indicated in point 6 will be applied.
Rio in Tours & Travel is not responsible for theft, loss and damage that luggage may suffer during the trip for any reason, including the handling of transfers (when this service is hired). The baggage allowance for airlines is the same as for transfers (1 hand bag and 1 bag per person).

 Rio in Tours is not responsible for transporting the second bag

10. Queries

Any claim will be accepted in writing within 30 (thirty) days after the arrival of the trip (in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code). We suggest purchasing travel insurance if it is not included in the package purchased.

I declare that I comply with the general conditions described above.

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