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Families with children

Rio in Tours on vacation

Create memories that we carry for life, meet, discover together, places and people that is traveling with family!​

Children do not always react as expected to the rides, so we will provoke the children's curiosity, the spirit of adventure, fun without fear of being happy. An exceptional, real experience connecting you to the place and the people.

Children always have fun on the beach, it is very simple, a ball and two rackets, a bucket and a shovel, or just playing in the waves, make the day better.  Bathing in the waterfalls of the National Park is a traditional post-beach. If your little ones don't like the beach, get ready for the big adventure in the woods of the local forest.

Hiking in the mountains, zip lines, tree climbing, paddleboat in the lagoon, cycling in the heart of the city with a view of Christ the Redeemer.

Light walks in the Tijuca forest, with a waterfall bath and many fauna and flora.



Without leaving the city


Catacumba park 

The activity, in addition to walking, also brings environmental education, how to behave in nature.
Respect for fauna (they learn that they should not feed wild animals), that of flora (that nothing should be taken or uprooted).

Nothing is taken from nature, other than photos. 

From nature nothing is taken beyond memories and from nature nothing is left beyond its footprints.