Rio in Tours and Marvelous city

Among the rocky massifs covered by lush forest and soft white sand beaches.
The city delights visitors and cariocas with its simplicity and laid-back beach style.

(Those born and residents by choice are called Cariocas).

Anyway, Rio de Janeiro is a modern city that houses the colonial and imperial history of Brazil

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Corcovado Train

Visit Christ the Redeemer by the Corcovado Train in the Tijuca Forest. Panoramic view of the Maracanã stadium and the Sambadrome, internal visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Visit for photos the colorful tiles of the Escadaria do Selarón in Lapa

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Full day Petrópolis

Imperial Museum 

You will be taken on a full-day tour. After leaving the city of Rio and climbing the stunning Serra dos Órgãos with valleys covered by the exuberant Atlantic forest, you arrive at the jewel of the Empire of Brazil, the city where Dom Pedro II ruled Brazil for 40 summers in his summer residence, where he now houses the Imperial Museum.


Bondinho Pão

Sugar Loaf

Sugarloaf cable car

Visit to the Sugar Loaf Mountain by cable car (Bondinhos)
Panoramic view of the largest public seaside park in the world
Walking tour in the historic center Palace, Churches, Convents, Monasteries, Museum of Tomorrow, Kobra mural.



Arraial do Cabo

O Caribe brasileiro com almoço

You will be taken on a full-day tour. After 2 hours of travel you arrive at the Lagos region. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean Arraial do Cabo, it has beaches of fine, soft sand and a sea of clear turquoise water, with rock formations and caves. A schooner tour through the famous Blue Grotto, Pedra do Gorila and the Our Lady's Fence.



Corcovado & Sugarloaf

Corcovado & Sugar Loaf

Visit to Christ the Redeemer by the Corcovado Train. Panoramic view of the Maracanã stadium and the Sambadrome, internal visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Visit for photos of Escadaria do Selarón in Lapa. Typical lunch, barbecue. Visit to the Sugar Loaf Mountain by cable car (Bondinhos). Walking tour in the historic center


Carnival Experience.jpg

Carnival Experience

Backstage at Carnival

You will be taken on a half-day tour. The visit starts in the city of Samba, distributed in 14 sheds where the schools of the special group build the most famous carnival in the world. In addition to visiting the workshop, costumes exhibition hall and floats, you learn about the work schedule and a video about the history of Samba.



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The words would have to be reinvented to describe the excitement of seeing Rio from the top of Corcovado or Sugarloaf a few meters above sea level, the vita reveals the beautiful views in a mix of mountains, sea, islands, lagoon where nature imposes its supremacy with elegance and excellence!

For solo travelers, we offer all the support you need to make your stay dynamic and fill all your time. Activities, sports, recreational, new friendships and corporate

Create memories that we carry for life, meet, discover together, places and people that is traveling with family!
Children do not always react as expected to the rides, so we will provoke the children's curiosity, the spirit of adventure, fun without fear of being happy. An exceptional, real experience connecting you to the place and the people.

The beaches need no comment, she always has fun, it is very simple, a ball and two rackets, a bucket and spade, or just playing in the waves, make the day nice and the little ones love it. If your little ones don't like beaches, get ready for the big adventure in the woods of the local forest. Hiking in the Mountain, zip lines, tree climbing, paddle boat in the lagoon, cycling in the heart of the city with the view of Christ the Redeemer.

A family lives a journey between generations, with grandparents, parents and grandchildren. We think of everyone for this and it is very important to plan your stay well.