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For 40 years, the last Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II and his family will spend the summer at the Imperial Palace, built by the emperor's orders to fulfill his father's dream.

To start construction, Pedro II signed a decree on March 16, 1843, creating Petrópolis under the command of the engineer and superintendent of the Imperial Finance, Major Julius Friedrich Koeler,  a large number of European immigrants, mainly Germans, raised the city, build the palace and colonize the region.


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Please be ready in the hotel lobby at the appointed time.
You will be taken on a full day tour, driving for 1 hour and 30 minutes  through the "Serra dos Órgãos", you reach the cities of Petrópolis. 

In the curves of the Serra dos Órgãos, valleys can be seen covered by the exuberant Atlantic Forest. After enjoying the breathtaking view of the climb, we arrive at the entrance to Petrópolis.

Our first stop is the Palácio do Quitandinha, (external visit) the largest and most refined hotel casino in Latin America, its architectural style uses Hollywood Rococo (internally) and Norman-French (externally).

Following the banks of the Piabanha River towards the city center, where the Imperial Palace, public buildings, commerce and services were located.

The visit to the Imperial Museum begins in the gardens surrounding the Palace, built by Parisian landscaper Jean Baptiste Binot. With about 100 species of trees and flowers, coming from more than 15 regions of the world (Mexico, Japan, Argentina, India, Ecuador, China, Australia, Madagascar, among others) and French grass, the gardens still conserve the landscape lines. , both in relation to the beds and the arrangement of plant species.


*The museum does not allow video or photo cameras (cell phones), bags and backpacks must be kept in the luggage locker.
*The use of the slippers provided by the museum is mandatory.​


The museum's collection consists of pieces linked to the Brazilian monarchy, including a collection of objects and furniture from the Orleans and Bragança, including the emperor's crown. The Palace has two floors, with accessibility.
* Please note, the description is for a private tour with bilingual staff


Duration 8 hours

Walk approximately 1:½ hours
Includes private vehicle with driver and tour guide
Pick up and delivery at the indicated location
Lunch without drinks.
Period: all year, every day

Serra dos Organ
Imperial Museum
The imperial crown
Jewels of the family and nobles of the court
The Emperor's Dress
The Imperial Mausoleum



Cathedral of St. Peter of Alcantara

D. Pedro II and his daughter, Princess Isabel, 1870

Built in neo-Gothic style with a Latin cross, a transept not very pronounced and three naves.