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Imperial Museum

Rio in Tours in the Empire

For 40 years, the last emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II and his family spent their summer residence, the Palacio Imperial and today the Imperial Museum, built at the behest of the emperor to fulfill his father's dream.

To start construction, Pedro II signed a decree on March 16, 1843, creating Petrópolis under the command of the engineer and superintendent of the Imperial Farm, Major Julius Friedrich Koeler, a large number of European immigrants, mainly Germans, raised the city, built the palace and colonize the region.


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The city of Petrópolis is located 68 km from Rio and has been called the Imperial City since the time of Emperor Pedro II. Colonized by the Germans, Petrópolis keeps alive the memory of Brazilian history with its buildings and charming streets.

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Cathedral of Saint Peter of Alcantara

Built in neo-Gothic style with a Latin cross, a slightly pronounced transept and three naves.

The cathedral measures a total of 70 meters in length and 22 meters in width, with a height of 19 meters in the naves.

Palácio de Cristal_Petropolis.jpg

Crystal Palace

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