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Rio in Tours in the biggest playground of Brazilian ecotourism

Bonito is known for its translucent rivers, such as the Rio da Prata, a snorkeling destination full of fish.

The Anhumas Abismo is a huge cave covered in stalactites that allows abseiling and diving in an underground lake where flocks of macaws nest in the deep ocher-colored Buraco das Araras.


See & Do It Almost All In 4 Days

The small town of Bonito, located about 300 km (186 miles) from the capital Campo Grande, is the perfect destination for those looking for contact with nature, outdoor activities and vacations in an isolated and peaceful destination. The city is close to the Serra da Bodoquena, and about 135 km from Paraguay, so the local culture is influenced by some customs of the neighboring country. Also located near the Pantanal, Bonito and the region have transitional vegetation with areas of Atlantic Forest and Cerrado.

Masks, snorkel, wetsuit and neoprene boots

Typical lunch from Mato Grosso do Sul, served at the farm's headquarters.

Relax in a comfortable hammock.

Duration: half a day.

Minimum Age: 08 years.

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Package does not include: Boarding tax (R$65.00); Personal extras and no items not mentioned in the package.

Latam air lock: Economy class air ticket, schedules and flights may be changed by the airline.

Includes one (1) piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kg per person.

Insurance / Travel Assistance

Prices subject to availability and change without prior notice.



The destination is prepared with the appropriate infrastructure and has several qualified professionals so that you have a safe trip.

The recommended periods to visit the region are between May and August, when there is little rain. No matter the season you choose, you need to bring comfortable clothes for the walks and the right footwear. As it is a destination in the midst of nature, take sunscreen and repellent!

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